One Window and A Still Small Voice.

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It’s been 130 days since our lives drastically changed and normal started to bear a new meaning. For some, it is a glorious time to reconnect with family ties that have long been weak because of life’s everyday demands for survival but to others, like myself, a 27 year old young professional and a provincial girl stuck in the city alone, it’s a pause, a rewind and a forward button in one. 

I live in a dormitory at the heart of Brgy. Fort Bonifacio and I belong to a company that takes care of its employees well. We have been in a work from home setup since the risk of the pandemic heightened in the country and support from our leaders have been exponentially evident which makes me really grateful. My work starts at 9AM and when it ends at 6PM, I would pull my blinds up and enjoy the sunset from my window til the sky gets covered with stars. That is when I would see nightshift workers at the frontlines “begin their day.”

It was new, being able to watch them from my small window. Maybe because I never really stayed inside my dorm for a long time til we were forced to be indoors. That sight started as a habit and then it became concerning when my attention was caught by a building guard who sits by the gutter all night long with a damp towel on his head to protect him from being sick. I knew I was being called to do something. It was a still small voice telling me that I can be a conduit of kindness. 

This is my dorm window where I see the security guard.

I didn’t know how to make it happen, I tried to ignore it but it came to a point where it gave me sleepless nights, I couldn’t even pull my blinds up because I know that if I did, it was another day of hearing my heart break for the security personnel of that building. But true enough, every situation brings timeless lessons and eventually I realized that at one point in your life, your heart could break for the right reasons. 

Pay day, I decided to heed the call. I went out and bought loaf bread and sandwich spread. I invited some of my dorm friends to join my little mission. We were able to give out 55 sandwiches to the front-liners around Fort Bonifacio, security personnel, street sweepers & police men. I felt that subtle warmth that comes from giving, it was something else.

To thank all those who helped me make it happen, I posted about it on social media and my inbox was flooded with messages. There was an outburst of people who wanted to give more. It was surreal. From sandwiches, donations came left and right, I was magically connected to the right people and we were able to treat one full meal to all the cleaners of Brgy. Fort Bonifacio. 70 meal packs. That’s more than 100 front liners in total, far from what I even imagined and it all started with one window and a still small voice. 

I mentioned earlier that the pandemic is a pause, a rewind and a forward button in one. It is a pause button because alone time became a recollection of the things I have been blessed with. It is a rewind button because I was reminded of the people I took for granted and it is a forward button because it magnified the things that matter most. Being of help to others was God’s way of speaking in my life, it was His way of telling me that He is by my side, alive and using people like those nightshift front-liners I met to secure my heart that we are under His wings and He is in control. 

This story is an entry to ComCo Southeast Asia’s “Write to Ignite Blogging Project”. The initiative is a response to the need of our times, as every story comes a long way during this period of crisis. Igniting and championing the human spirit, “Write to Ignite Blog Project” aims to pull and collate powerful stories from the Philippine blogging communities to inspire the nation to rise and move forward amidst the difficult situation. This project is made possible by ComCo Southeast Asia, co-presented by Eastern Communications and sponsored by Electrolux, Jobstreet and Teleperformance.

One anxious girl in quarantine

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2020 has been all sorts of surprising as if the universe is loving the mind game going on before we shut our eyes and as soon as we wake up in the morning. This kind of uncertainty can give off two things, courage or fear. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how people gage their adaptability in times like this because even in those two I find myself in the middle and each day coming to a close, for me, is just another successful attempt at survival. 

Okay, back to the question, if you cook the perfect pancake, learn a new skill, finish a KDrama Series or work out in a streak, does that mean that you’re ahead of those who chooses to admit they miss their family back home, the one paralyzed by the idea that nothing will ever go back to normal or that girl who quit her skincare routine because she thinks it’s useless. What’s worse is how worrying that you’re worrying is slowly becoming a norm and you wind up with your thoughts becoming your greatest enemy. 

For someone who makes an effort to find the silver lining in everything, breaking down in tears because of fear seem to be a paradox. 

“Calm down”

“You’re better than this”

“You have to be strong”

And my favorite, 

“Girl, get your shit together”

I wish I could. I wish it was that easy to shake it off but it isn’t. Unfortunately, a bigger mass assume that they understand what’s going on inside your head when you’re anxious but their actions clearly speak otherwise. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay. It’s okay that they don’t understand. Don’t make them because trust me, you’ll end up frustrated trying to explain what you’re going through and they still won’t get it and that’s okay. You have what you need to deal with this, YOURSELF. WAIT. I have to say that everything I’m writing is a by product of experience and each advice you’ll read are all those I learned by violating it. 


It is what it is. This won’t be over in a snap. Maybe not even in a year. It is what it is. If you’re stuck in a dormitory and your family is thousands of kilometers away from you, it is what it is. If you suddenly lose your job because the company you’re with declared bankruptcy, it is what it is. If you’re having problems with finances, it is what it is. If someone got infected by the virus, unfortunately, it is what it is. The first step is acceptance of these difficult truths. Quit denying that we are in a rut. Stop forcing yourself to toxic positivity. When you fully grasp the reality of the situation, just then can you move forward. 


Accept but don’t dwell. It’s really important that we don’t nurture these thoughts. It takes effort. Talk to yourself if you have to. I remember not wanting to leave my bed but I had a meeting coming in 30 minutes, I literally said “Ella May, ABA, BANGON”. It may sound absurd but it helped. If you need that upbeat alarm clock that’s far from your bed to make you stand up, do it. It’s a different stroke for each one of us but It boils down to conscious effort. Work on it. 


Everyday is a drag so you gotta know how to spice things up. List down the things you need to do and those you want to do too. Prepare a hearty breakfast. Play different tunes making sure it won’t invite you to overthinking. Dress up if you have to. I’d discourage browsing your news feed or watching TV to start your day. I feel like the only good thing in the internet today are those smiling Shibas. Personally, it’s reading a book about growing my faith and journaling over coffee that improves my thoughts for the day. Mindset is everything. 


It doesn’t have to be anything informative or intellectual. It can be as simple as asking for Netflix recommendations, sharing a cute meme of a dog drinking from a fountain or as deep as how anxiety’s treating you and how quarantine messed up your future plans. Alone together is cool. 


It can be an island in Animal Crossing or an oil canvas painting you’re waiting to finish. Our options are endless now that we have the luxury of time. Try that TikTok video, write that poem. Chase those happy hormones. 

These things are just some of those that pulled me in a slightly better place but newsflash. These efforts won’t bring a concrete solution in a silver platter nor will it bring our normal lives up to a speed but then, it did one thing, 

It changed my perspective.

I still wake up anxious at times but I was driven. Driven to fight and win it and driven to make the most out what I had, out of what is there. I became more grateful of the littlest things. My priorities were defined and honestly, I wasn’t happy with it. I know change doesn’t happen overnight and I’ll stumble here and there hundreds of times for sure but this pause, it is more than just isolation, it’s more than just quarantine, it’s a chance to recollect on what matters, on who you are, now that no one is looking. 

I hope when we finally embrace the new normal, we’d choose recreate the world we got used to. Think restart but with a better, clearer vision of what we’re after out of this life because I know, I’m so much more than just one anxious girl in quarantine.

It’s just January.

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It’s just January.

It’s still January. From threatening wars to scary viruses, I have been continuously fearful. Of tomorrow, of waking up to a world slowly depreciating before my eyes. 

I remember welcoming the year with so much hope as if it was yesterday but today, hopelessness devours all the light, the color. It’s difficult when “Everything happens for a reason” barely makes a difference because really, I wish I knew what that reason was. 

Waking up to a news of death made me sit down and think of what God’s plan is, why would He allow us to welcome another week with sadness as if we haven’t had enough of January. Why did 2020 start this way? What is He trying to say? Times like this push me to value being alone. Disconnect, sleep, be with my partner, maybe drive to the beach or run to church. Everything to calm my anxiety. To escape and to find that peace. I kept on looking, yearning for the solitude my heart once had. Maybe in silence I will find the answer just as a driver lowers down the volume when he’s trying to figure out the direction. 

Ever felt like you just keep on sliding down the rabbit hole?

“DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR” were the opening words of the pastor. Three Sundays down and God has been faithfully addressing my restlessness but I was so busy being anxious, worrying. Overthinking the worst and frustrated because of being unable to solve it on my own. I forgot His everyday miracles. I forgot how He wakes me up in the morning to bless me with a new day. I forgot to thank how He provided all my mom’s needs when she was in the hospital. I forgot how He embraces me with His love through different people. How He makes the sun rise and set at its most beautiful. 

I forgot that He is King and I am His daughter. 

I only looked at what this world magnified. Today, I pray that in our weakness, may we feel His power. Because maybe that’s all this is. A call to cling to the Lord, to get our attention. To be faithful. He is alive and in control of heaven and earth. He knows what He’s doing. All we have to do is trust Him because for us, it’s still January but what He says is,

“I am God, it’s just January”. 👑

Sitting is the new smoking.


The simplest guideline for all of us would have to be, “Sit less and move more ”  according to close to 2,000-member Philippine Heart Association (PHA) and  the  husband and wife tandem of  fitness gurus,  Jim and Toni Saret.

Yes, there’s a direct relationship between time spent sitting and your risk of early mortality of any cause. As your total sitting time increases, so does your risk of an early death.

Sitting  for around eight hours a day at the workplace increases the risk of contracting heart disease, cancer and diabetes by 40 percent. Actually, it can cause killer legs, too.

Majority of the world population is in the working age-group. This group are always on the computer.  Glued on their seats for eight hours, they lead sedentary lifestyles, while facing different kinds of stress which leads to unhealthy eating (stress eating) and lifestyle. Most of them are unable to engage in appropriate physical activities for their physical and mental well-being. And in worse cases, some do not have the means to cope with stress and maintain mental health.

Eating healthy, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding vices like alcohol and cigarettes are ways of preventing major lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancers as well as other risk factors such as raise blood pressure, raise blood sugar level and  obesity. However, awareness and practices of these healthy benefits are still low among the working population

The Philippine Heart Association (PHA), a non-stock, non-profit organization of 1,780 Filipino cardiologists is committed to foster exceptional cardiovascular education and primary care for everyone. Living up to its mission, the PHA aims to do its share on the awareness on preventive and management of heart diseases. The initiative encourages employees to improve their physical and mental well-being, and effectively address sedentary lifestyles by launching a campaign called “Sneakers Friday.

“Sneakers Friday” capitalizes on promoting physical activity. It is meant to promote workplace health and wellness where personnel are encouraged to wear sneakers, casual top and pants every Friday as a “dress down day.”

PreCon 2-13.jpg

The PHA’s “Sneakers Friday” campaign builds on the perspective that individuals have the ability to adopt healthy lifestyles when supported by a conducive workplace environment that promotes “healthy eating, healthy habits and physical and mental fitness.

 In order to obtain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to incorporate wellness in all aspects of one’s life, including the workplace. Corporate wellness generates many positive outcomes for their employees as well as the company itself. Even a simple activity such as walking (or brisk walking, with100 steps per minute) has so many powerful health benefits. When done correctly and regularly, it can be the key to losing weight, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and boosting your memory as well as reducing your risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more. Walking could be done effortlessly without interrupting corporate work. One can also choose to take the stairs rather than ride the elevator or when one parks the car, choose the farthest end so you’d have more time to walk.

The “Sneakers Friday” initial campaign got off the ground spearheaded by medical professionals and cardiovascular experts themselves in November of 2017 with the Makati Medical Center as its launching site, followed by The Medical City where every last weekday was officially declared as “Sneakers Friday.”

PreCon 2-32

PreCon 2-40

Today, May 22, 2018, The “Sneakers Friday” campaign is officially launched. This ultimate goal of this campaign is to encourage the corporate sector to integrate more physical activity into their hectic pace and to make them aware that the corporate sector is the paragon of good health.

The benefits of incorporating a wellness program like “Sneakers Friday” in your workplace:

Aside from promoting a healthy lifestyle, it relieves employee stress, and it also promotes employee camaraderie. Setting time aside for employees to exercise can help reduce stress and overall sitting time. It also releases endorphins (happy hormones) and in the process creating happier and more energized employees. With a better mood and more energy comes more productivity!

Incorporating the Sneakers Friday campaign is great for promoting employee fitness and health. Partaking in physical fitness activities is proven to lower one’s chances of getting sick, which in return will ultimately lower health care costs for employees and the company. In addition, there’s an increase productivity as employees take fewer sick days too.

Employees get to know fellow employees outside of work. With a great group activity that allows co-workers to get to know each other better, employees will get the benefits of physical activity and the socialization that comes along with the group exercise.

PreCon 2-68

With the “Sneakers Friday” campaign, coupled with healthy habits and lifestyle, the PHA looks forward to seeing happier and heart healthier Filipinos.

#HotSauceSaturday: Celebrating flavor and heat! (Pt. 2)

For the Hangry

The fiesta continued as I met more participants at the #TheHotSauceSaturday last March 17th. This time we reveal the spicy goodness brought about by Ghie’s Pot Hotsauce, RSL Chili Garlic, Chili Asylum and Hanghanghang.


A unique flavor of Texan- Mexican is what Ghie’s Pot is all about. Besides the catchy brand (we are all adults here), they offer gourmet like products that have reached the Big Apple. Some of them are Truffled Garlic Chili Spread topped w Edge of Flavors Beef Floss. This combination makes your regular crackers extra special. The owner, Ghie also recommended using them for seafoods, meats and all sorts of grilled viands. One more from the list is the El Cumino Tex Mex everyday hotsauce made from the finest chilis, habanero, labuyo and F1. I was a fan of Sriracha and Tabasco and El Cumino can match and even surpass these 2. Makes me proud to be Pinoy even more.

Find them online!

Facebook: Ghie’s Pot Hotsauce


Chili Garlic for me usually comes w it drenched in oil but RSL Chili Garlic is nothing common as it presents home made chili garlic without oil! I instantly pictures using their products for my favorite silog meals. They have 3 different variants of Chili Garlic, that is mild and crispy, hot and spicy and Habanero. I especially like their Chili Garlic Banana Chips, the way it compliments the sweetness of the bananas and the spice of the chilis is an unusually pleasant suprise for the tongue.

Find them online!

Facebook: RSL Chili Garlic

Instagram: @rslchiligarlic


Chili Asylum offers a wide variety of chilis and salsas. They turn simple dips into something exquisite and a must-try. Personal faves here would be their Spicy Moringa Pesto, which can be paired w wheat bread and Spanish sardines and their Spicy Papaya Achara to match w anything grilled.

I find their products totally gift-worthy. Oh yeah and they have homemade catsups that, for me is totally better than the usual brands here in the Philippines.

Find them online!

Facebook: Chili Asylum

Instagram: @chiliasylum


Hanghanghang is also a chili-based produce brand, well-known for its trade ‘Death by Chili‘. I love how the common ‘hanghang’ was given that extra kick to birth an interesting and unique etch. They have three variants, Chili Mayo Sriranch, Chili Cajun Salsa and the classic, Chili Garlic Sauce.

Personal pick here would be the Chili Cajun Salsa, pair it w porkchops for a full meal or maybe potato chips for snacks and it will certainly enhance flavor and texture.

Find them online!

Facebook: Hanghanghang

Instagram: @deathbychili

Overall, the event was a great success and one of a kind. What’s good is that, Philippine Hotsauce Club does this monthly to maintain and build friendship among its members. Whether you’re a business owner or simply a fan of anything spicy, join the community, Philippine Hotsauce Club and like the page, Philippine Hotsauce Club to get ahead of all the updates! Such a gem to witness how support overpowers competition. Saludo!

#HotSauceSaturday: Celebrating flavor and heat! (Pt. 1)

For the Hangry

It was March 17th when I was introduced to one of the warmest communities yet, the Philippine Hotsauce Club. My best buddy who is also planning to put up his own brand of chili garlic, tagged me along to a hot sauce buffet gig at Malingap Central Food Hall! Yes. You read that right. A free gustation of local chili garlics and hotsauces curated to nothing but perfection.

Photo from Philippine Hotsauce Club’s Facebook Page.

For somebody who has a palette that is especially excited at everything spicy, finding them is a treasure. To add to that, we were serenaded by Ebe Dancel sooo that’s a free gig plus free buffet in one. The best things in life rolled into one awesome night.

There were 9 participants and each one of them has their unique variants when it comes to the chilis turning my tongue into an instant playground. They were Mother Tongue, Jimlong’s Chili, Epic’s Hotsauce, Badboy Tikboy, Ghie’s Pot, RSL Chili Garlic, Chili Asylum and Hanghanghang.

I decided to split my experience into a 2-part serye mainly because they all deserve to be given their time in the spotlight. I’m not even sugar coating anything, A game all the way!


Mother Tongue offers Mushroom Chili Sauce that is, well, a mushroom/ chili based condiment w three different variants, Tamarind, Kamias & Ginger and Original. I’m a big fan of their tamarind flavor! I can think of matching it w unripe mangoes to compliment its flavorful and meaty taste. Extremely enticing for summer!

Find them online!

Facebook: Mother Tongue PH

Instagram: @mothertongueph



A brand that’s definitely NOT for the faint hearted. Jimlong’s Chili Garlic offers the most prestigious and award winning Chili Garlic Sauce and Hot Sauces in the country. They were able to bag 11 awards across the Philippines mostly for their best seller, The Carolina Reaper.

Carolina Reaper is made using the hottest peppers in the world w the combination of other strategically selected spices

I was given a bottle of their 7 Pot Lava Chili Sauce and I brought it to one of my favorite Korean hubs to try w Samgyupsal. No words on how the chili sauce enhanced the flavor of the meat but maintained its own consistency. Perfect pair! Now, it’s a must have in my bag whenever I go food tripping. Haha.

Funny story: I was researching on the pepper they use for their products and saw a legit article that someone died of eating such pepper. Haha! No worries though, the dude ate a plate of these peppers raw. Jimlong’s is 100% safe!

Find them online!

Facebook: Jimlong’s Chili

Instagram: @jimlongschili

Contact numbers:

0923 305 9108

0915 196 6609


Diversity is what Epic’s is all about. They offer hotsauce and chili based products. What captured my interest here is their unique variants. To name some, they have The Mad Hotter, a dessert hotsauce that is banana split flavored, Love Potion #25, made w mixed berries, rose essence, strawberry daiquiri, real maple syrup, fresh habaneros and dried carolina reaper and their very own champ, Tropic Smoke, made w smoked labuyo peppers, mangoes and pineapples, coconut sap vinegar and coco sugar.

My personal favorite here is the subtle Love Potion # 25 that tickled my tastebuds w the sweetness of the berries and the strength of the peppers.

Epic’s is always leaning towards curious blends, experimental, creative takes on hotsauce and they certainly do not disappoint.

Find them online!

Facebook: Epic’s

Instagram: @epicspicemad

Contact numbers:

0915 995 4794


Badboy Tikboy lives up to its name and presents badass hot sauces. Among them are Yellow Bastard, Black Bitch, Signal No. 5, Oh Carolina, Sinturon ni Hudas and Insane in the brain.

Of all, it would be the Signal No. 5, made w Marusot AKA Siling Demonyo + Garlic and the Oh Carolina, made w Carolina Reaper for my top picks.

What I especially like about them is their presentation that tricks customers by having this nice and sweet vibe in medicine bottles but once tasted brings in an unexpected fiery kick.

Find them online!

Facebook: Badboy Tikboy

Contact Number:

0917 355 1158


Spicy Louie is everything organic! They have a variety of spicy oils and sauces. Their products include Organic Habanero Rosemary in EVOO, Organic Habanero Garlic Sauce in EVOO (Picante Suave/ Mild) and Organic Habanero Garlic Sauce in EVOO (Picante/ Supreme).

My pick here would be the Organic Habanero Garlic Sauce in EVOO (Picante/ Supreme). This product is great addition to all time favorite Filipino viands like Adobo amd Caldereta! I can already imagine my mom separating a bowl for me w it. Ugh. Mouth-watering.

Find them online!

Facebook: Spicy Louie

Instagram: @louiespicy


Contact Number:

0927 616 3331

Alright! First five all through. Can I just say, it’s a love- hate relationship when I write about food. I love it because I remember how fun the event was. I hate it because it makes me hungry. Musings of a food blogger. 😑 Anyhow, yay! Thank you for lasting until this part! Haha I know it can be a torture to read about food online. I’ll be pausing here but tomorrow, tuloy ang ligaya!

Accepting closed doors

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I saw a little boy this morning, about 2-3 years old, walking w his dad and then he stopped and stared at a puddle. With the way he looked at what’s in front of him, there was fear that his limbs were too short and his feet will get wet. “On the count of three, jump anak ha”, according to his dad, there was doubt on his face but the little boy nodded. After three, he leaped w all his might and it was obvious that his effort was too much but he made it to the other side. 

For the past weeks, life felt like a huge house with a lot of doors. Some doors shut before I even set foot inside, some, open smoothly w no squeaky sounds and the rest, at first I thought were locked only to find out later that the keys were in my pocket.

It’s human nature to plan ahead.

“I wanna end up w this person”

“I wanna stay friends w these group of people”

“I wanna see my cat wear a bowtie on his first birthday”

Things that you thought were meant for you to enjoy, most likely because you somehow believed that you deserved it but then life knocks you out really hard and goes against your favor. Suddenly everything’s out of hand, your timeline gets ruined. How do you deal w the closed door? How do you find an open window where you can breathe? Where do you start?

When life says change, life means change. It’s usually drastic, sudden, unexpected but nonetheless, a must-face situation. Change is normal but it takes courage to withstand, wisdom to handle and faith to surpass. There will be bruises and it will hurt for a while but there was one step that drifted the course:


Just like the little boy earlier who got used to walking seamlessly and then suddenly saw a hindrance, it was evident that he was scared but he wanted to get to the other side so he accepted the circumstance and then he followed what his Father told him, JUMP. He ignored all his doubts, and trusted his Dad. It paid off. He made it. He was able to move forward.

It was blissful. Doors began to open by itself. I learned that my own pocket contained keys to the locked ones and if ever my effort wasn’t enough and I get wet once again in that puddle…

I am confident enough because I’m holding my Father’s hand.


The Natural Way to Feel More Empowered As a Woman


Gone are the days when the “male chauvinist” society had women as far inferior as men—very dependent and submissive to whatever the latter commanded. Women today are not just regarded as homemakers, but nation-builders as well. Beyond the confines of their houses, they, too, can make a big difference––be it in the economic, social or political arena.

From being a household queen to boardroom’s rockstar, women run on very hectic and active schedules everyday. So imagine the strength they have to withstand the daily grinds, not to mention the stress and pressure they have to endure just to fulfill the duties bestowed upon them.

Nevertheless, they’re no “Wonder Woman” at all, nor our very own heroine “Darna” so as not to feel exhausted and tired from chores or work. They’re also humans, who need to pause for a break from being the jack-of-all-trades.

This March—declared as International Women’s Month—is the best time to celebrate their power and influence with the gift of beauty and wellness that they truly deserve. What a better way to have it than a rosy, bouncy and shiny hair to begin with.

Because it is the mane that a person is mainly looked upon, it’s a conscious effort for everyone, especially women, to make it pleasant to gaze at. So a regular bottled shampoo and conditioner, plus treatment are, more often than not, the solutions to turn to, regardless of the bad effects they may cause.

Some of the harmful chemicals they contain are too much to handle, especially by as fragile as a hair follicle. Their main damage being mane breakage is hard to manage. Tricky it is to treat the resulting tress that’s less weak and elastic. Though negligible, other repercussions—allergic reaction and scalp irritation—also need keen attention and urgent solution.

Where else do women usually turn to for remedy than a beauty salon. After a pampering sesh, they may opt to avail any of their formulated solution for upkeep. For optimum results, it’s best to combine it with NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack to promote robust locks and scalp.

NOVUHAIR is the only tress growth product in the market containing 19 natural herbs, essential oils and co-factor nutrients working synergistically to help remedy mane problems from growth to vanishing. It deeply penetrates to help rejuvenate, nourish, maintain moisture in the scalp and hair, and improve the overall appearance of the tress. Lastly, it’s an effective and safe solution to arrest hair loss.

So come and celebrate womanhood at your favorite salon anytime this month. Much better if you can make it regularly to bond with your sisters or amigas over a hair spa or treatment. After all, your crowning glory deserves a second look.

Feel more empowered as a woman – order NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack online, get one (1) box of NOVUSKIN LIFT with 30 anti-aging tablets worth P2,970 for FREE at

For inquiries, call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575, visit NOVUHAIR Facebook Page (Novuhair Official) or website at

Food Crawl: A Madison Galeries Serye (Ep. 3)

For the Hangry

Final episode of my Madison Galeries Serye, last but definitely not the least restaurants who opened their doors for us are Relish, Mann Hann and Nonna’s, their common denominator? Food and place instagram worthy. 😉


“We bring the outdoors, indoor” is what Relish offers from it’s really inviting and cozy interiors. They serve classic favorites straight out from the Almario’s kitchen. What I really like is its relaxing vibe and great food options which truly makes the experience worthwhile. I was able to try their best sellers, Pork Sisig and Blueberry Cheesecake and both delivered excellent flavor as expected.

They have 3 branches to date, one in Tomas Morato, Salcedo Makati and of course, Madison Galeries in Alabang.

Facebook: Relish

Mann Hann

Mann Hann is not a new name when it comes to delectable food choices. I have insane love for Chinese dimsum and my top three here would be their chicken feet, hakaw and soy tofu matched w soy sauce, calamansi and loads of chili. This branch at Madison Galeries has canny interiors perfect for family reunions plus their staff was really accomodating!

Facebook: Mann Hann


Nonna’s Trattoria was still about to open during our food crawl but this didn’t stop them from showcasing their lovely spread for the food crawlers. My eyes were feasting on the long table w tons of top cheese picks and cold cuts. Nonna’s just gave me the dream buffet table for my wedding. They’re everything colorful, tasteful and classy.

Alright, so, this wraps up my amazing food crawl experience at Madison Galeries! As promised, while ALL restaurants really made my dining experience one of a kind that day, my top three picks based on food quality, interior and overall experience:

1. Aburi

2. Relish

3. 81 Café and Bistro


You DO NOT have to be a blogger or a photographer to be one of us! If you have love for food, whether you like to cook or you just really enjoy eating and ready to champion participating brands, you are welcome here! Know the b e s t restaurants, earn new friends and eat for FREE! Simply follow these steps:

1. Like us on Facebook: The Food Crawlers

2. Join the community: Food Crawlers by Daily Palate

3. Follow us on Instagram: @dailypalateonline

Stay tuned to be in the loop! See you at the next crawl! ❤️

Food Crawl: A Madison Galeries Serye (Ep. 2)

For the Hangry

Second installment for my food crawl adventure! Apologies for the delay, full time work got the best of me this past few days. For my next five, it’s a fiesta continuation of the South District at Madison Galeries and then we unravel the tastefulness of Japanese Cuisine.

Dos Bandidos

Dos Bandidos is a Filipino- Mexican hub categorized into Starters, Quesadillas, Soft Tacos, Burritos and Rice meals. The best w them besides that they have Chicharong bulaklak on their menu? Nothing is over Php 250! Pocket friendly for such presentation & quality!

Facebook: Dos Bandidos

Bronx Fried Chicken

For any chicken fix, Bronx got you covered. A personal favorite would be their crispy chicken skin called Bomberz w varying dips such as Sriracha Ketchup, BBQ, Taco Cheese, Adobo and the timeless Gravy for Php 120. Chicken hubs usually pour in too much flour and oil for the business’ cost efficiency but Bronx Fried Chicken is nothing like that. Indeed a champ on pan fried chicken!

PS. They have a new one on their menu called the Down Burger for only Php 99! Must try!

Facebook: Bronx Fried Chicken

Tix Mix

Love for food continues to overflow at the South District as Tix Mix offers a Halal certified menu from Kebabs to Hummus. I am a real fan of Shawarmas and I must say they they’ve got one of the b e s t . They also serve Biryani rice (spicy rice) all across their rice meals which made the experience a true authentic.

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Liquid Luck

Liquid luck is a treat for them beer-o-holics. It is a family friendly bar still at Madison Galeries. They offer local and imported beers, tequila shots, cocktails and mocktails, even juices and coffee to kill the aftermath of a nightout early on. We tried their wine, a classic! Got a shot of tequila and their raspberry juice, all worth the penny. It’s an awesome way to wrap the foodventures at the South District.

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Tummy and heart full at Aburi! Aburi means flame seared or torched. It is nothing common as they exceed expectations of the flavorful Japanese cuisine. 100% must try is their Kylie Jenner (I’ll keep the contents a mystery cause the fun fact about this is best known when you’re in the resto) and their aburi sushi! The restaurant is very flexible so whether you’ll be coming in w you’re family, friends, schoolmates, there is a menu that fits just right for your pocket! Honestly the BEST Japanese restaurant I tried so far.

As of the moment, they have 2 branches, one in Madison Galeries Alabang and the other in CDC Millenium, Sapphire Road, Ortigas, Pasig City.

Facebook: Aburi

Yay! Episode 3 will be released tomorrow as I cover the last 3 restaurants before I close the Madison Galeries food-serye, the reveal of my top 3 and how to become a food crawler! ❤️